Looking To Renovate Your Home in Bismarck, ND Area?

Looking To Renovate Your Home in Bismarck, ND Area?

We will give your home a stunning stone upgrade it deserves

At K an C Masonry, we add style and market value to residential properties. Upgrade the front siding of your home to a gorgeous red brick finish. Or, cover a boring white column with sleek and modern gray stone. Call us today to learn how you can get brick and stone masonry work done on the interior or exterior of your home. We proudly provide top-notch masonry service throughout Bismarck, ND and surrounding communities.

4 steps to fabulous new brickwork

If you're ready to commit to a masonry project with K an C Masonry, you can expect us to take our time and comb over every detail throughout the length of the project. Our process includes:

  1. Assessing the project area
  2. Taking measurements
  3. Giving a free estimate
  4. Planning a project timeline

Call K an C Masonry today to schedule your free estimate appointment or to ask about pricing information for our residential masonry services.